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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Birthday Present Ideas!

Hello everyone!! I haven't blogged in forever! But I'm finally back. I decided to make this blog post about... BIRTHDAYS!! I have included some last minute, quick and easy gift ideas, as well as some that take a little bit of time. Read on to find out what they are!

What birthday present wouldn't be complete without a card?? This card was so easy to make! All you need is small cardstock, (I got a pack from Michaels) decorated paper, (I also got this from Michael's for super duper cheap) and I went on my computer and typed "Happy Birthday!" in really cute font then printed it out. So what I did was I took a piece of cardstock and folded it in half. That is the card. Then I took the balloon paper and placed the card on it and started tracing on THE BACK OF THE PAPER. You don't want there to be pencil lines visible on the paper. Then, I taped the "Happy Birthday!" to the card using rolled up pieces of tape.

A small gift you could get someone is go to the store and get them something orange flavored. It could be gum, chocolate, even gummy orange candies. Whatever it is, it needs to be orange flavored. On the card, write "Orange you glad it's your birthday??" It's a super cute and easy and quick gift, and the person receiving the gift will love it!!
This is a gift that will take a while to make, but will mean so much to the person receiving it. It could be for your best friend, wife/husband, brothers/sisters or anyone that you are very close with. All you need is envelopes and lined paper. On the envelopes, write "Open when..." and pick something. For example, what I did was Open When...:
You Get These Letters
You're Happy
You Need A Laugh
You're Mad At me
You're Having A Bad Day
You Need A Pep Talk
You Feel Lonely
You Can't Sleep
Write a paragraph or include pictures of you depending on what you choose. This is an adorable project and all it really takes is about an hour, maybe even less.

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